Am I Being Abused?

It can be difficult to ask yourself the question "Am I being abused?" There may be times when your relationship feels good and loving and other times when you feel controlled and victimized by the same person. We offer these warning signs so that you might be better able to decide whether your relationship is healthy or abusive and therefore be better able to make decisions.

Warning Signs of Abuse

Does Your Partner:

• Threaten to harm you, your children, or pets?

• Call you names or tell you you're stupid?

• Withhold your medications?

• Throw or break things?

• Open your mail, or read your journals?

• Control your economic decisions?

• Demand to know where you are at all times, who you are with, and where you are going?

• Threaten suicide?

• Threaten to break up with you, or worry about you breaking up with him/her?

• Refuse to use birth control methods, or control your access to birth control?

Do You:

• Feel like you're walking on eggshells?

• Change your behavior due to his/her moods?

• Not see family or friends to avoid his/her jealousy or anger?

• Feel threatened or scared by your partner's moods, actions, or behavior?

If you answered YES to any of these, you may be in an abusive relationship. Contact a Safe Passage counselor to talk about your options and get support. Also read about Caring for yourself to learn some helpful ways to find and build support.